Teen Dating Violence The Unspoken Truth


How many of you ever think about teens when you hear unhealthy relationships? Sadly not enough until we hear about it in the news. Well February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and we want to hear stories of survival. We have a generation dying in the name of love at record highs. These babies need to hear stories of survival and find hope and courage to leave. We have two ways to share:

1. Please email your story to nomoreblows@yahoo.com and with your permission we would love to share it!

2. On social media use the #handsoff to share tweets, pictures and quotes.

Times like this social media makes me happy! I can’t wait to hear from you and see what #handoff reveals for our teens. If you are hosting something in your ares PLEASE share it with us, we would love to see photos of your event as well.

Have a great day,

Ms. Kia A. Richardson


3 thoughts on “Teen Dating Violence The Unspoken Truth

      1. Amen!! Yes, more awareness needs to be brought to the subject. Too much abuse and violence hidden from view and affecting too many lives. Too many believe that if there are no bruises then it did not happen. We need to change that.


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