Unique Cop Shooting Story… What Are Your Thoughts?


Channel 2 Action News has received the 911 call made after the wife of the Peachtree City police chief was shot by her husband.

In the 911 call, police chief William McCollom said he shot is wife, Margaret McCollom, while moving his gun in bed.

“A gunshot wound. Accidental. Need medical ASAP,” McCollum said. “Shot in the back. ”

“Who shot her?” the dispatcher asked.

“Me,” McCollum responds. “The gun was in the bed, I went to move it, put it aside and it went off.”

“Having trouble breathing dear?” he asks.

McCollom told the GBI the shooting happened with his service revolver around 4 a.m. Thursday.

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The initial report that came into the GBI said McCollum shot his wife twice, but it was later determined she was only shot once, agents said.

“I’m the chief of police. The gun is on the dresser.”

“You’re the chief of police in Peachtree City?” the disaptcher asks.

“Yeah, unfortunately,” McCollum responds.

Dispatcher instructs the chief to hold a cloth to his wife’s wounds and apply pressure.

He tells dispatcher he was asleep when it happened, no one else in the home.

Margaret McCollom was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center. GBI investigators said the chief is cooperating with them.

City Manager Jim Pennington placed McCollom on leave pending the completion of the investigation and an internal review.

A police spokesman said that is standard procedure with a case involving a high ranking official.

GBI spokeswoman Sherry Lang said the shooting happened in the bedroom but she would not reveal any other details.

Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard said criminal charges are possible but they would wait for the GBI to complete their investigation.

“We have no leanings one way or the other at this point because we just don’t know. There are a lot of things we don’t know yet about what took place that we need to know before we can make any decisions,” Ballard told Channel 2’s Aaron Diamant.


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