Matt Interviews Janay Rice

After viewing this video several times I get more upset. As a survivor of Domestic Violence, her mother is excusing the fact her daughter was beat. I really wish her mother would allow her to talk. As a parent we don’t know everything that goes on with our children. When I see Janay in all her interviews she has more pain than she is exposing. I can’t say I blame her at all. It saddens me she is a victim of #DomesticViolennce and both she and her mother are in denial.

In the video I’m  posting  she has excuse after excuse for his behavior, most victims of #Domesticviolence always feel the need to self-blame. I must admit watching her spit on this man is disgusting. However watching him beat her, step over her and leave her lay there is even more disgusting,

I want you to watch the video and share your thoughts as you listen to her speak. I want you to close your eyes and just focus on the fact she is woman, not so much on the fact he is famous.


3 thoughts on “Matt Interviews Janay Rice

    1. I thought it was just me. How do you say she wasn’t raised to be abused, that was one of the most ignorant things to come out of her mouth. They are so far in denial that’s the sad part. I have never met a mother how raises he child to be abused. It appears Janay may have come from a well to do family, and they want her to continue living as such. I appreciate the conversation.


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