SMH……… I Can NOT Believe This…

Springfield, Mo. (The Weekly Vice) – Marcus O’Neal, a 28-year-old Springfield man, was jailed after he allegedly beat, strip searched and strangled his girlfriend because she “liked” a friend’s photograph on Facebook.

According to police, O’Neal turned violent and attacked his girlfriend after he looked at her Facebook page and noticed that she had “liked” a friend’s photograph.

The photograph in question belonged to the woman’s girlfriend, who was seen standing next to a male companion. O’Neal became jealous, however, believing that his girlfriend wanted to be romantically involved with the man in the photograph.

Although the victim pleaded that she had no interest in the man in the photograph, O’Neal retaliated by slapping her across the face. He then allegedly grabbed the woman by the neck, carried her to a bedroom and threw her onto the bed.

O’Neal paused for a moment to tell the victim’s children that she had been cheating on him and was nothing but a “whore.” He then slapped the woman again.

About a half hour after the attack began, both the woman and her children were crying. That’s when O’Neal closed the windows so neighbors couldn’t hear the crying and screaming. He then locked the door so no one could interrupt what he was about to do next.

He then forced the woman to strip naked in front of him so he could search her body for signs of sexual activity. O’Neal spit on the woman, threatened to kill her family and yelled obscenities at her.

When O’Neal eventually became tired, the woman thought of an excuse to leave the house and checked herself into a hospital. Officers who were called to the hospital found scratch marks and bruising on the woman’s neck which were consistent with her statement.

O’Neal, who was out of jail on bond after he assaulted the same woman, was taken into custody. He told investigators that he never touched the woman and that the injuries on her neck were actually hickeys.

He was booked into the Greene County Jail and charged with three counts of domestic assault. His bond has been set at $25,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice


One thought on “SMH……… I Can NOT Believe This…

  1. Six years ago my pregnant granddaughter was killed by her boyfriend. A good poem that was left at the site was “He gave me flowers” This says it all. Ladies run don’t walk before this is your story.


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