“Hands Off”

Last Saturday was simply amazing for No More Blows as an Organization. We held an event in honor of Teen Dating Violence Month!! We had 20 teen girls and 10 adults.

This was our first event for the teens. Before we left they were ready for the next one. While planning the event I ask God for resources and to make sure He would get the glory out of the event.

That happened we discussed three topics : Purity Matters, Love Does NOT Hurt and True Love Waits. Topics the teens were NOT shy about at all. Almost half them were sexually active.

The highlight of the night was the breakthrough of one of the adults. It was very heart felt and amazing. Yes it was a teen event BUT the message was for all!!!

Just a little bit about our weekend as an organization. Please like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to see ALL pictures of the event. No More Blows is how you can find us!!!

Oh one last thing we also released balloons in honor of ALL teenage victims of dating violence.

Please share with us what you did or will do in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Love, peace and hugs,

Kia A. Richardson



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