It’s More to The Story…… I’m NO fool….

As a survivor and advocate for victims I’m sure it’s more to the story. I’m NOT moved or surprised by the the young lady speaking up saying she wasn’t assaulted. Intimidation of a witness is common and popular in Dating Violence.

Once the perp or his family has a chance, they often try to make the victim feel guilty. They make her feel she will be safe and this is a form of love. They also try to make her feel guilty in some kind of way.

Reality is WE all have free will and George Zimmerman is using his to the fullest. He’s like a walking time bomb. It’s sad ALL of anger isn’t sending alarms to those who seem to find a reason this man is ALWAYS innocent.

As a parent yes, we love our children BUT we must teach them violent actions deserve punishment. When is enough enough when he harms the young lady or this unborn baby?

I’m not sure when the alarms will allow her some real help. Until them I’ll be praying for this young lady and ALL other victims. This cycle can be deadly.

Again as I said its NO surprise to me. Reality is women will go back at least 7 times before getting fed up. Let pray reveals truth and shields these ladies.



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