What Will People Remember You For?

7304149_f496nelson-mandela-quotes-sayings-wise-wisdom-lifeuntitlednm395 years is what God allowed former President Nelsom Mandela. That’s a long time to grace the world, let’s not forget the way he changed lives. He took a bold stand for what he believed in. Today let me ask you, what will people remember you for? How have you changed the lives of those you are around? Good or bad the impact has already been left. We have to time to make some of those bad memories good. The choice is yours!

Before God calls me home I want to change the way we view Domestic Violence and other issues. I want to see better laws to protect the victims and kids. And I will do my part to make sure this happen. God has placed purpose in ALL of us! Walk in yours its a beautiful thing when you do.

Let me leave a few quotes from the former President himself.


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