When Georgia Smiled #31dbc

This has turned out to be one amazing day!!! Woke up a little down and God quickly changed that. Normally I work Monday however a co-worked and I swapped.

I was watching the Dr. Phil show he covered a very abusive man. This man made every excuse in the world. Then a lady comes out who was shot by her husband, she is now paralyzed. Watching the lady share her story with the victim was amazing. It showed the power of opening and not keeping silent.

It was what happened next that gave ALL victims hope for a brighter future. It’s my hope this will change the way Domestic Violence is addressed.

His wife Robin McGraw comes on stage to announce her way of helping victims of Domestic Violence. The most amazing thing is SHE has NEVER been abused BUT has a desire to help.

She launched her program When Georgia Smiled. Very fitting name as many victims don’t smile a lot. Makes you want to get back to smiling. Georgia is her mother who passed suddenly from heart issues NEVER diagnosed. That’s where the name Georgia comes from.

Hold on it gets even better she has a FREE virtual program called Aspire! I’ll be using it to start classes soon. This is a way to educate all ages about Domestic Violence. Tweens, Teens and Adults. Please start a group in your area.

Here is a brief overview of the program:

When Georgia Smiled, the Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation, creates and advances programs that help women and children, especially those affected by domestic violence, live healthy, safe and joy-filled lives.

If you or someone you love is being abused, please call
The National Domestic Violence Hotline at (800) 799-SAFE (7233).

Please visit http://www.whengeorgiasmiled.org for more information.

It’s my desire we will see classes forming all around. It’s virtual and free what’s holding you back???

Lady K!!!

PS can’t wait to see Aspire take the US by storm!!!!!



2 thoughts on “When Georgia Smiled #31dbc

  1. Thank you-Thank you. January 23rd 2006 My pregnant granddaughter Laura was killed by her boyfriend. Laura was leaving him due to his drug use and didn’t want him around her one year old son. He came home wanted money and strangled her. Not only did he kill her and the unborn child but he tried to kill a elderly blind man that they lived with. Again thank you from the bottom of a grandmothers heart.


    1. Good afternoon, I am sorry to hear about your granddaughter. The sad part is domestic violence does NOT get the attention it needs. Sadly I think most men don’t address it because it would make them look at self. I will continue to pray for the comfort and restoration of your family. Please allow the comfort God is able to provide to consume you.

      Praying for you,
      Kia A. Richardson
      Founder of No More Blows


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