48Hours Shows The Pain of Dating Violence #31dbc

I didn’t think I would ever make it to sleep last night. 48Hours ended Domestic Violence Awareness Month with a bang. They featured the story of Lauren Dunne Astley. She was only 18 when she was murdered by her boyfriend. Nathaniel Fujita couldn’t handle the reality of the relationship ending.

This young vibrant couple appeared to be picture perfect for every picture they appeared in together. Their friends knew what went on behind the camera. It was heartbreaking to hear how worried her friends were. His friends we so honest which is always key.

This made me think how can we as adults ensure the teens have a “SAFE HAVEN?” We must allow them an outlet to be safe and express the pain of dating violence. With 75% of them telling “friends” how can this be done.

One thing I know once they feel like the friend has betrayed them it’s all over. As a survivor I understand all sides. I also remember thinking, where can I run for “real help?” I thought that often. My lack of trust kept me on silent.

I would call my friend Teresa and sleep on her white chase if the threats got outrageous. The next day I was right back to the house. What kind of safe haven can we create for those ready to flee? Those looking for a new start without having to relocate. We don’t want the victim to feel like a fugitive.

Sad reality is MOST of them do, always watching to see what’s coming next. Sleepless nights to unsure if he/she will strike at a helpless state.

Did you watch it? If so what are your thoughts? Do you have teens? Do you feel the need to monitor their relationships even more?

Thinking about the fact NONE of
her friends really cared for him says a lot. So often we as women/men feel those people just don’t want us to be happy. Sex clouds your mind from seeing what others see. They never mentioned a sexual relationship, BUT there is NO need to state the obvious.

Their actions displayed acts they were sexually involved. You remember your first. The one you gave yourself to. Feelings were high because they exchanged soul ties. Sex for some puts on a blinder, a strong sense to protect his/her wrong and act like all is well.

As this post comes to an end. What are WE going to do for victims? When will your start to care before it’s too late? It’s time out for interviews saying. “I saw this coming.” Why didn’t you find a safe outlet for your friend or loved one. Real friends speak up. I would rather have you mad and living.

Will you start speaking up before it’s to late? I’m not telling you to gossip about it. Tell the proper authorities. They did have questions about the proper authorities my being aware of this relationship. My heart dropped.

Then I had to remember the defense is suppose to raise doubt for the jurors not enough doubt was raised as Nate was sentenced to life with no parole.

Please chime in and tell me what you think. Do you feel like it can never be your child well 1n3 teens are victims. Sounds like it an be anyone of us going through this.

I hope this post shed some light.

Lady K



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