Praying For All Teachers #31dbc

Speechless as I watch the coverage of two teachers killed by students. This week has been rough for teachers across the USA. I’m only 32 and remember school being a place you had caring teachers and made cool friends.

It appears a lot has changed since I was in school. We would fight each other and play the next recess. Where did things go wrong? Kids have always been cruel and mean to each other. I had a chipped tooth, they made jokes about me often. That’ actually pushed me to often!

Where has the communication stopped that kids are holding so much in? Where are they getting guns from? How does your heart grow so weary you kill the innocent?

I think of all my teachers and only one made me really upset. I’ll never forget my Freshman year of High School. She was the second teacher to find out I was pregnant. We had words, she announced to he class I would be on welfare and her tax dollars would be taking care of me and my baby.

Yes, I was embarrassed however killing her NEVER crossed my mind. I thought how can I prove her wrong. I wanted to make her eat those words and NEVER speak to a student like that again. She’s since retired not sure if she ever talked to another student like that again.

These days I’m working on what God called me to do. Living on welfare is NOT part of the plan. I shared that story to show teachers always have an opinion. We can’t allow there words to upset us that bad.

The bully trend wasn’t really popular when I was in school. The most anyone would say to me was my tooth was chipped. I didn’t allow that make anger me to the point of death. We have to teach our kids to express anger in different ways.

Now I want to post a prayer for our teachers. As many of them are headed out the door to teacher the kids we send to them. Kissing their family saying, “I’ll see you later.” I believe prayer changes things and people!

We ask you to cover our teachers, protect them as they go into the schools. Changes heart and minds of those making plans to destroy life. Please soften the hearts of those bullying their peers. Also allow those being bullied to speak up without fits of rage and anger. Father, you are all places and hear hear all things. Please take the anger and rage out of the hearts of the wounded. Allow them to find safe outlets to vent. Father, these teachers have passions to see lives changed and kids grow into adults. Please allow all who work in the schools to see any sign of trouble. Father, today we ask you to comfort the mourning families as this has been a rough week for teachers. No matter how far all teachers feel the pain. Today Father we ask for peace and reconciliation in the school. Comfort for the kids. Today Father show the kids you can protect and heal all wounds Father, allow teachers to feel the confident of prayers being lifted on their behalf.

In Jesus Name,


Please share this post the more prayers we have going up the better? Will you share to save a life? We are able to keep prayer in the school without stepping foot inside of one. God is willing and able!

Lady K

2 thoughts on “Praying For All Teachers #31dbc

  1. Amen! That was such a fitting and much needed prayer. I don’t teach in the public school system, but I do teach privately. I have children who sometimes come into my studio feeling that they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. I find that I can diffuse most of their anger by just listening and caring about what they have to say. Raising kids is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.


    1. To God be the glory!!!! I’m not a teacher at all just felt lead to honor ALL teachers. It’s rough out here these kids deal with more than they should have to. It’s sad these days. You have so many babies raising babies. I was one do them BUT my mother was an excellent guide in that area. I’ll continue to pray for ALL teachers. Please know from one mother your work is appreciated a lot. Continue to allow these kids to open up to you! May God bless and protect you!!!


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