Blogging Challenges For Me…#31dbc

The most common question I get is, how do I clear my mind to blog? For me it’s easier than others. Most of my blog post come from my cellphone.

My lack of wifi and round the clock computer access make that easy. It’s harder for me to have multiple search engines going. When I blog I try to stay focused and right to the point.

The down side to this is proof reading. You have those who have NO idea how you post and pick apart your post. Over the last year I’ve learned to ignore them.

If you’re only looking to down my post and offer NO help that was a waste of time.

Posting and keeping your attention on the task at hand will help you. Also your environment will help, distractions can easily get you off track. The less noise you have in the background the better. Soft music might help you as well.

My biggest challenge is keeping post coming. I try not to go over my data monthly. That’s rough depending on what I want to post about. More post help build traffic to your site.

One day this will NO longer be a challenge for me, right now I do what I can when I can. What are some of your challenges? What keeps your from posting what you really want to post? Do you worry about the opinions of others?

The opinion of others almost made me stop blogging. Then reality hit, who do I post for? I post for people who want to be free. Not the opinions of those who wonder if my story and life are real.

Today NO matter what your challenge is post something. Find pictures or quotes to express what you’re feeling and thinking. Just make sure you hit publish!

One last thought make sure your tags are popular. Add the. And of your blog when doing your tags.

Happy Blogging!

Lady K



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