I Blog Because……. #31dbc

People often ask me why I blog. In my opinion we have enough blogs on fashion, hair and music. I feel we have too many people playing dress up already.

We have a ton of people hiding behind hair and fashion who are broken. Crying out for healing unsure of where to start.

Healing started for me after my mom passed away. She was my go to person, I called her about everything. She knew all my ways, thoughts and what I was capable of doing.

My relationship with my mother hindered my growth with God. She made sure I had all I needed and wanted in life. I had more than enough.

Fashion is what she was and she passed that down to us. I was a dressed up mess. Years of molestation, abuse and neglect all bottled up inside of my INC clothes.

No disrespect to the people who blog about fashion, hair and music. What happens after all of that comes off?

For me I felt worthless, if my clothes, shoes and hair didn’t look nice I didn’t feel nice. I’m not saying NOT to look nice, just don’t let the label define you!

Truth is I wasn’t really nice, I carried years of baggage. I allowed the ways of the world to consume me. I was the label I wore. So I thought.

One day after being broke, staying from place to place and working a job making $7.25. (as an adult) I had a little talk with Jesus.

I knew Him before all of this, but I don’t have a “relationship” with Him. He wasn’t the lover of my soul. I was clueless to His healing power.

I blog because I want the world to see God is able. He wants you to be complete and satisfied in Him. Not the rules of religion. Don’t allow others to tell you what is written in black and white.

I blog because I want God to break the chains keeping many bound. I want you to realize after ALL you’ve been through God can use you.

There is someone custom made to be healed from your testimony. You don’t have to blog like I do. Just simply open your mouth and tell of His goodness.

Be blessed and let God do a work in you.

Lady K



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