Strides For Breast Cancer!!! #31dbc

Hello, today was a great morning!!! I walked for Breast Cancer Awareness!!! The weather wasn’t the best here in Ohio BUT the cause was worth it.

To see the mini parade of survivors tell the short tale of survival was amazing. One lady said, ” she is alive because she got to know her girls.”

Do you know your girls? Do you perform breast exams? If not you should start doing so monthly, try around the time your period starts. Nothing like a great reminder and a great way to know your girls!

After acknowledging the survivors we started our walk. While on the walk I noticed survivors on canes, walkers and being pushed in wheelchairs. That spoke volumes to my heart. It was amazing to see these ladies let nothing keep them from the movement.

I am thankful God kept those ladies to tell of His goodness. As they spoke they told us how many years they survived. Some as few as 4 months and other as long as 10 years.

Today lets honor these women for begin bold and courageous. Warriors finding the strength to fight even in weak moments.

I had the pleasure of taking a picture with one of these amazing women. While on the walk I hugged as many survivors as I could. They smiled and I just simply said, “Thank-you!”

I had to thank them for their boldness in sharing!

Happy Saturday to all!

Lady K



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