Faces of Hope #31dbc

It’s the middle of October what have you done to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month??? I’m not a survivor of Breast Cancer BUT I support the cause.

Why do some believe because they don’t have a personal experience with issues it will NEVER happen to them?Let me share some Faces of Hope with you!!



It is my hope as you look at these Faces of Hope you will understand ho important it is to support the cause!!!

May God Bless continue to bless these brave men and women!!!




2 thoughts on “Faces of Hope #31dbc

  1. Our church had Pink Sunday yesterday, and we had an altar call for anyone that we knew who was battling cancer, breast cancer and any other types of cancer. We prayer over them and everyone in the congregation wore pink in honor of them. It was incredible. Keep pursuing God and sharing your testimony. He is going to bless you greatly for it, and it is going to give other girls and women the courage to go on; it is going to provide hope for them and make a difference in their lives. Kudos to you.


    1. That’s my hope girls and women will see the greatness of God. Next Sunday we are wearing pink at my church. I can’t wait to see the shades of pink and the different styles. I just believe people want to know about God who heals and delivers.

      My passion is for chains of bandage to break by sharing story. I’m not a Breast Cancer survivor just a supporter. I support causes because I don’t like people being ignorant thinking it can’t happen to me…

      Your kind words are greatly appreciated and God will be glorified through it.


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