Faces of Domestic Violence #31dbc

At just under five feet tall and weighing about 110 pounds, Khrystina Bixa was small. She was also tough, and determined to make life better for herself and her two young children

Long hours of rubbing horses had given Khrystina a chance to think about the direction in which she was heading and she decided she would make things right. She even talked of buying a house.

But just as she was ready to embark on her noble journey, Khrystina’s life ended. Police said that 23-year-old Khrystina was shot and killed by her boyfriend of two months, 43-year-old Raymond Zegowitz, who then ended his own life. Khrystina’s children, Christian, 3, and David, 20 months, were upstairs at the time and were unharmed.

The murder/suicide last June was upsetting to all who knew Khrystina, especially those who worked with her at trainer Lester Stickler Jr.’s stable at nearby Penn National Race Course.BWIkx8jCAAAnxmT


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