Faces of Domestic Violence

Today I will share a little of my story, it’s my desire you will understand my passion for Domestic Violence. I share my story to show people what you can look like if you just trust God. Drugs, alcohol and sex are ONLY temporary, after you sober up the pain is still there.  He is a light into my life with public abuse, the abuse started long before this day.

{¶2} On the afternoon of May 15, 2000, as Defendant was
driving his girlfriend, Kia Richardson, and her four year
old daughter, Rickia Woods, to their home on Kipling Drive 2
in Dayton, Defendant received a call from his aunt who
wanted to be picked-up. Defendant dropped Kia Richardson
and Rickia Woods off some two or three blocks from their
home, and they walked the rest of the way.
{¶3} As Kia Richardson and her daughter walked home,
Richardson noticed Defendant standing outside in front of
the house, holding a red backpack in which he kept a gun.
Defendant pulled the gun out of the backpack, approached
Richardson, and said: “Do you want me to spray your ass?”
Richardson believed that Defendant was threatening to shoot
her, and she immediately grabbed her daughter’s hand and
began running down the street, screaming for help. As they
were running Richardson heard a gunshot.
{¶4} A neighbor living down the street from Richardson,
John Marks, was standing outside talking to another man and
they also heard the gunshot. Richardson and her daughter
ran to Marks’ location, yelling for help. By now Defendant
had gotten into his vehicle and was pursuing Richardson down
the street. Defendant pulled up next to Richardson, got out
of his vehicle, pointed a gun directly at Richardson and
said: “Where are you going to go now,” or “What are you
going to do now, bitch.” Defendant then drove off, leaving
Richardson holding her daughter, who by now was crying
{¶5} John Marks offered safe shelter to Richardson and
her daughter and inquired whether either of them had been
shot. Mr. Marks then went inside his home and called 3
police. Richardson and her daughter continued walking down
the street. They were eventually picked-up by police and put
in the back seat of a police cruiser operated by Officers
Pyburn and Shirk. Richardson and her daughter were very
upset and frightened, and the child was visibly shaking.
{¶6} When Kia Richardson saw Defendant drive past the
police cruiser, she screamed “that’s him,” and she pointed
at Defendant’s vehicle. Richardson and her daughter then
dove onto the floor of the cruiser. Officer Pyburn radioed
for assistance and began to follow Defendant’s vehicle.
Near Fairview Middle School, another police cruiser operated
by Officers Smiley and Beall encountered Defendant’s
vehicle. They activated their emergency lights and began
pursuing Defendant, who refused to stop. After Officers
Pyburn and Shirk stopped briefly to let Kia Richardson and
her daughter out of the cruiser, they joined in the chase of
Defendant’s vehicle. 20131003-212526.jpg20130820-083400.jpg




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