Faces of Domestic Violence #31dbc

This week we will feature Faces of Domestic Violence. We will feature a different victim and her story. Our goal is to raise awareness on this issue so many victims fight daily.

Today we will feature a young lady who’s death changed the law in Ohio.
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Teenagers in violent relationships will soon have another layer of protection. Tomorrow, Ohio Governor Strickland will sign House Bill 10, nicknamed Shynerra’s Law.

Cheryl Boyd-Rucker never knew her teenage daughter Shynerra Grant was in an abusive relationship. “I didn’t know until, bam, he finally attacked her and beat her up pretty bad. She had to have her jaw wired shut for eight weeks. That was her junior year in high school. A year later he came and killed her,” remembers Rucker.

Soon after her daughter’s death, Rucker began channeling her energy towards making a change. She and state representative Edna Brown spent the last five years fighting for Shynerra’s Law.

The law will allow any juvenile who’s been assaulted, sexually abused, or stalked by another juvenile to obtain a certified protection order. “We weren’t afforded a protection order when Shynerra went through her ordeal. This is major,” said Rucker.

Back in December the state legislature passed “Tina’s Law”. That law goes hand in hand with Shynerra’s Law, requiring local school boards to adopt policies to prevent and address abusive student relationships.

Rucker may have lost her daughter, but now she has hope that others will live because of her law. The governor is expected to sign the bill tomorrow at 5 p.m. Shynerra’s mother says she’ll be there.



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