Words of Hope #31dbc

The hardest to bear isn’t the slap or the shove,

It’s the sting of the words, like a black velvet glove.

It tears at your soul and your heart cracks in two,

What you’ve become is not really you.

You know that you’re good, and you know that you’re kind,

But you feel like you’re going out of your mind.

The look of disgust, the names and the sneers,

Has this really been going on all these years?

It started so small, just a fight… some name calling,

You couldn’t see the black hole into which you were falling.

He took all your dignity, who you were, and your pride,

In your shame and your pain, all you could do was hide.

Hide the fact that the man who promised you love,

Took it back and replaced it with the black velvet glove.

By: “C

The Shelter of “Hope”

I sit here alone in this women’s shelter,

Right now my life feels so helter-skelter.

I have to be separated from the ones I love,

So I look towards heaven, to the good Lord above.

Right now things seem so dark and bleak,

Peace and happiness are all that I seek.

I don’t like this feeling of living in fear,domestic-violence-awareness.gif

At times I break down and cry a river of tears.

I think about my loved ones, from whom I’m apart,

But they know how much I love them with all my heart.

They tell me here that in time things will get better,

For now, I’ll put my thoughts in poems and letters.

Right now I feel like I’m walking on a long tight rope,

But believe me, I’m so thankful for this shelter of “Hope”.

By: “SM”


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