I Wonder If……

I must admit the founder of Chick-fil-a was really on to something. One thing I LOVE about the company is THEY stick to what they are known for.

Have you ever ordered pizza from Chick-fil-a? Not at all, they serve what they are good at. Some of the other fast food chains need to follow the same idea.

Enough of them what if the Church did what was best, you know what God created it for.

What if we went back to the days people left the church feeling better not bitter, feeling healed not hindered, what would we look like then?

I think WE might go back to seeing signs, wonders and miracles. Now it’s like we hear songs with NO substance, word that’s NOT Bible and messy folks tearing it all apart.

Disobedient people doing what God NEVER called them to do. Just because he/she has the title of Pastor does NOT mean God did it.

Not the kind of message you wanted to hear is it? The reality is you wouldn’t want to go order a pizza from Chick-fil-a would you?

Why is it WE has Christians allow people to come into Gods house and leave disappointed? It’s time out for that. It’s time for us to GROW UP and do what God has called us to.

We ALL have been called to do something to build the kingdom of God. Often fear and shame keep us frozen, unable to take the proper steps to destiny.

Truth is your call MAY NEVER come with a microphone in your hand BUT it’s just as important as the others.

You never see your lungs or heart BUT you need both of them to survive. Gods needs ALL of His children living on purpose.

It’s my prayer WE as Christians walk in what He created US for.

Let me leave a little verse with you!!

Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for God has already approved what you do. (Ecclesiastes 9:7 NIV)

Who’s approval are you waiting for now? If God created you for it, you’re already approved for it.

Peace, love and hugs

Lady K-:)



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