10 Steps To Avoid Seasonal Dating

Ladies PLEASE read!!!!


Assummer comes to an end, we now enter what is known as “cuffing season”, (the time where the weather drops, and the desire to be in a relationship all snuggled up with a partner rises).  For some, it’s easier to commit to a relationship during the cold winter seasons because the desire to be out at social functions and meeting new people decreases, but when spring and summer comes back around, they’re right back on the dating scene. Here are some steps you can take that will increase the chances of a “non-seasonal”, and longer-lasting relationship.

Step 1: Completely end one relationship before starting a new one.

Step 2: When you meet someone new, talk on the phone first to determine whether or not he/she is worthy of spending your time with on a date.

Step 3: Go out on several dates with different qualified candidates…

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