I Cried Out….

I Cried Out

I cried out to you in the morning
Did it from despair
I cried out to you in the midlight
Hoping you would care
I cried out to you in the evening
Please answer my prayer
I cried out to you in the midnight
Wishing you were there

Trapped in a pit I had dug myself
Blinded from within
Mine enemy being filled with glee
Enhanced my chagrin
Then, begged I forgiveness from Thyself
Christ atoned for sin!
You rescued me, causing foe to flee
And healing to begin

I praise you for your mercy
I am grateful for your love
Thank you for my sanity
You have sent from up above


By Udiah


9 thoughts on “I Cried Out….

      1. Yes ma’am the book is complete just waiting on funds to publish it. Speaking out is a must!! Our mission and goal should be to raise awareness on Domestic Violence. Curious question do you live in the USA??? I do.


      2. No More Blows “The Ultimate Message For All Survivors.” You blog is beautiful! We should team up and do something together this month. I would love to partner with another survivor to stand in UNITY. I liked your Facebook page.


      3. Thanks Kia.. I love your site as well and will try to find your facebook page. Congratulations on your book. I pray for it’s success. I am praying for God’s guidance regarding this month. I know that we need to continue to pray for all victims as well as the abusers for only God can change people and situations. Blessings my friend!!!


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