Truth is I WAS Tonya Reaves

The past few weeks on Facebook I’ve been posting pics along with the story of Tonya Reaves. She is the young lady who died after aborting her child at a Planned Parenthood in Chicago.

Just as I thought NOT a lot of comments or likes about the story. This story is close to my heart and I want justice for her family.

September 20, 2004, I went to Detroit. MI to abort my unborn child as well. I went to Detroit for two reason. My first reason I wasn’t proud of what I was doing and my insurance (Anthem) paid for the procedure in that state.

I was ashamed of what I was doing, I worked at a local Credit Union and didn’t want anyone from my job to know this thought crossed my mind. So the drive was worth it to me, that’s how I felt at the time. Also my supervisor at the time suggested this be done. She was concerned about what people would think.

I wasn’t married and already had kids by multiple men. Not that the public knew they all would have different fathers. She basically told me, “that wouldn’t be a good look. So we stayed in her office and planned this “vacation” I would be taking from work.

The drive to Detroit was cool, my long time friend Bettina drove. We spent the first day with our friend Laniece who lived in Detroit. We had fun like old times. The next day things would change.

It’s appointment time, I was nervous and full if emotions. Not that this was my first time. When I was younger I got pregnant an this guy and he told me, “if I didn’t abort the baby we would both end up in a pine box.”

This time was different, I was older and not really scared of my life being taken if I backed out. I was older and aware if the risk. I was also a Sunday School teacher at the church I was attending at the time. They had NO clue I was pregnant.

I struggled when watching the video they make you watch before your procedure. I looked at the screen and signed all the papers. I wanted to hurry up and get this done. It’s my guess the doctor felt the same way.

My procedure was done, like Tonya my abortion was incomplete. I cramped and went through all the things the paper told me I would. I was ready to leave Detroit “something” didn’t feel right to me.

We left sooner than expected, Bettina was a little upset. I knew that but I didn’t feel right at all. We made the 4 hour drive as I lay across the backseat of her Saturn Ion with my son looking over me. He was clueless about the pain I was feeling.

Soon as I got home I called my mother, by this time blood clots are falling from my vagina. I called my local doctor to explain what I’ve done, he tells me to go to the ER and to collect some of the clots and place them in a baggie.

I followed all of the orders, my mother called my older cousin to drive me to the hospital. My cousin arrives and tells me to come on. Our drive to the hospital was less than 10 minutes.

She pulls up to the door I hop out thinking this must be serious. I go in trying to whisper what was going on. That failed I suck at whispering anything.

She rushes me back to get vitals, I’m scared, nervous and anxious. Feeling rushing through my head. I wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be.

Sitting on this table head held down. The nurse comes in her voice sounds so familiar. I look up only to see its a lady who comes into my job. She wants to know what’s wrong. I had a war in my head, do I lie or tell the truth. The lie would NOT have allowed proper treatment.

Forced to tell her the truth. That drive to Detroit quickly backfired. I wanted to make sure I got the proper treatment. The doctor comes in to do his exam. Only to explain in simple terms the abortion was incomplete. They had to do a D&C on me.

They kept me there for a few more hours to monitor my health and bleeding. All was well physically I walked out of the hospital to go home.

We have Tonya here who was carried out. Like Tonya I had a one year old child and abortion performed with some flaws.

Truth is there are a lot of Tonya’s around the world. The care I received was under careful watch. Who was to provide Tonya careful watch? When did neglect for those under watch by health care professional become ok?

Tonya can’t come back BUT justice needs to be served. Those who failed to give her the proper care she deserved need to be prosecuted.

After my experience I do my best to talk women out of aborting babies. It does just as much mentally and spiritually as it does physically.

Is it to much to ask for justice for Tonya? I think NOT. Are you willing to take a Stand for Tonya?

Truth is I was Tonya

If I could say anything to the family of Tonya it would be;

and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor. (Isaiah 61:3 NIV)





10 thoughts on “Truth is I WAS Tonya Reaves

  1. I’m very sorry you had a procedure that went badly. Just as I’m always sorry to hear when what should be minor medical situations become major. They happen throughout medical practice, where obstetrics or orthopaedics. Doctors who are negligent shouldn’t get away with it.

    And I think you’re being courageous in confronting abuse openly.

    But not only do mistakes sometimes happen, but sometimes very good doctors make them, or sometimes things go wrong and nobody is at fault.

    So please, reconsider posting this doctor’s details on your site. I’m not sure why you would do it, other to encourage harassment of her. Doctors who perform abortions get a huge amount of harassment, from graffiti to abuse to their kids being harassed at school to death threats.

    If you believe in the sanctity of life and the right to live free of abuse, then extend it to her.


    1. Please check previous blog post. I posted the results of her autopsy. I believe in forgiving people. My issue is the lack of justice. We have medical errors in ALL errors of medicine.

      My issue is the fact they are NOT being held accountable for her death. Michael Jackson’s doctor we held responsible for his death can’t Tonya get the same justice.

      Neglect is neglect in my book. She left behind a one year old son.


    2. Not to be mean just as we made the choice to abort they made the choice to go into this practice. I’m sure they were not forced into it. Just make sure you’re doing it right is my point.


  2. You seem like a caring person, so I urge you again to take down that address. Questions of justice and retribution are for medical malpractice boards or for the police.

    What is it you want to achieve by posting a doctor’s details? Do you want readers to send them hate mail? Harass them? Abortion doctors have been threatened and killed in the US. They have died. Don’t be part of potentially inciting violence.

    By posting those details you are implicitly suggesting that people contact this doctor.


    1. No hate mail at all. I just want people to be honest with these women who go to these clinics. My desire is NOT to draw hate there is enough of that going on in the world. Imagine if these doctors came fighters and said we are against this practice. Imagine if we evaluated women before and after abortion to see the level is depression. Hate is never my goal just awareness on this issue. Abortions brings temporary relief and regret until God does a work on the mind, body and soul.

      I’m sure you have a passion for something. Maybe it’s one of those situations you have to experience to understand how I feel. Got one better for you imagine Tonya was your sister. How would that make you feel. Sometimes it not real into it hits home.

      I understand your view!


      1. I am a caring person….. Like I stated awareness is the key! Not hate are you saying we should NOT seek justice. Again I ask how would you feel if she was your sister??? I didn’t know her BUT I was Tonya. I would want someone to fight for me. These doctors make the choice to go into this practice just like women make the choice to go into the clinic. Don’t get me wrong I understand what you’re saying. I’m just asking you to do that same. That’s for the great dialogue as always!


      2. Also not sure how many Planned Parenthood locations they have in Chicago but that information is public information. Nothing from my site would encourage anyone to act that way. The information is already available to them.


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