Who Pays For Abortions?


Q.  Where can I get a free abortion?
A.  Although you may be able to receive financial assistance from local or national abortion funds, it is unusual to obtain care cost-free. Call the NAF Hotline for more information on funding assistance.

Q.  Does insurance cover the cost of an abortion?
A.  Almost two-thirds of insurance companies cover elective abortion to some degree. Contact your insurance company to find out if you are covered.

Q.  Does military insurance cover the cost of an abortion?
A.  At this time, military health plans cover abortion only in cases of life endangerment.

Q.  Does Medicaid or other state-assisted health insurance cover the cost of an abortion?
A.  Medicaid is only required to cover abortion in cases of rape, incest, or life endangerment. However, some states do cover abortion as part of their Medicaid policies.


I am NOT shocked at all that insurance companies will assist with funding of abortions. They sad thing is they will send you through hoops for some medications. Where do we draw the line at? I remember I drove to Detroit to have the procedure don. Anthem covered it there BUT not in Ohio. That’s fact NOT opinion. Are you willing to take a stand?

If abortions were illegal I would have 5 children. When I was 17 I dated a young man who told me if I didn’t have an abortion he would kill me and the baby. Years later after working for a local Credit Union, my supervisor at the time “strongly” suggested I abort again. She said “It wouldn’t be a good look me having so many kids and I was NOT married.” She allowed me to take off to have the procedure done.

I don’t share for your sympathy, I share to bring awareness to the reasons women have abortions. Often times we speak about things without having ALL the facts. Are you willing to BREAK this cycle?

I am able to write these post today because I can now hold my head high and embrace the grace and mercy God died for. He has forgiven me and I have forgiven myself. If you struggle with the guilt of abortion, please know God is ready with open arms to forgive you.


Peace, Love and Hugs,

Lady K prolifesign


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