Her Choice Cost Her Life……Justice Needs to be Served

Tonya Reaves was a 24-year-old young black woman who went to “18 S. Michigan, which houses Planned Parenthood and several other tenants” in Chicago. Twelve hours later, Tonya was dead. Another black has died, but this young woman has received no media fanfare, no cries of racism, no promises to hold abortion clinics accountable. Why is that? It’s because the left has only a few cards and they play them constantly. Though they are now accusing the right of overuse of the race card, clearly the left uses it ad nauseum. The race card appears to be their best offense and defense.

The other card the left enjoys playing is a right of a woman to choose. If it results in her death, oh well. At all costs, a woman must maintain the right to kill her unborn without limits. When a situation like the one involving Tonya Reaves arises, clearly something needs to give. It would not be good for the left to call attention to the negligence of the people at Planned Parenthood because that would also shine the light on the abortion issue, something they would prefer not to discuss. Because of that, the issue is dutifully ignored.

Yet Ms. Reaves is dead. She went to an abortion clinic where abortion is perfectly legal. No back alley abortion for Reaves to have to deal with here. After all, that’s what we’ve been told, right? Back alley illegal abortions result in the deaths of women (cue alligator tears). Because of this and to save lives of woman, abortion needed to be made legal. Then why are women still dying? The left’s answer? Fewer women die because abortion is legal. Okay, but isn’t even one woman’s life worth saving? That’s the argument that’s used for greater gun control, so why doesn’t it apply here? Why are not these abortion clinics and the people who run them held accountable?

As one writer noted, only one call was made from that building to 911, “but it was concerning an instance of child abuse, and thus could not possibly have been related to Tonya Reaves.” No one at the Planned Parenthood clinic had the decency to call 911. A Chicago Fire Department ambulance that eventually transported Reaves to the hospital.

Why are there no race-baiters stepping up to the plate to accuse Planned Parenthood of racism when it comes to minorities? Why haven’t we heard from Mr. Obama who might be saying something like, “When I think of Tonya Reaves, I think, that could have been Michelle” to stoke the fires of racism? Why does Planned Parenthood get a pass when it comes to their botched abortions and medical negligence causing the deaths of women who go to these clinics for abortions?

It would seem that founder Margaret Sanger’s dream of a utopia without blacks and other minorities is still coming true and Planned Parenthood is one of the facilities that’s making it happen. What I find interesting is that “due to a loophole in the state’s complicated abortion facility regulatory scheme, all Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Illinois are unlicensed and not subject to state inspection.” Really. Can you imagine if this type of thing existed where guns are concerned?

We constantly hear about the alleged “gun show loophole,” which, if truth be told, is not a loophole at all. But politicians are tripping over themselves to shore up the perceived hole. When it comes to abortions and abortion clinics? No worries. Doesn’t matter. They’re simply mills of death anyway. Who cares if another women dies while there? Those are the chances she takes. It wouldn’t hurt if someone at Planned Parenthood knew how to dial 911 either though, would it? Then again, the very idea of saving life at a Planned Parenthood is an oxymoron.

After Reaves had her abortion, she “began bleeding heavily and it continued at Planned Parenthood for five and a half hours before a Fire Department ambulance finally took her to Northwestern Memorial Hospital at 4:30 p.m., according to Miller.” Apparently, the morons at Planned Parenthood thought either Reaves had more blood in her system than the average human being, the bleeding would eventually stop, or they simply did not care. Eventually, they caved and got her to the hospital, but by then it was tragically, too late.

Obviously, the abortion process itself caused the bleeding and Planned Parenthood clinicians did nothing to stop it. Had to move onto the next case! Just lay in this room and the bleeding will stop. That is all! C ya! For hours, Tonya Reaves bled and Planned Parenthood did nothing. How hard is it to dial 911?

Where are women’s groups to decry the brazen loss of life here? Where are race-baiters to harness more racial discontent? Where is justice for Tonya Reaves?

Years ago, I recall seeing displays by pro-abortionists who used metal hangers covered in “blood” to send a message that illegal, back alley abortions put women at risk of death. It doesn’t appear as though legal abortions are that much better. Maybe the entire process of abortions needs to be looked at closely. Maybe the DOJ needs to look seriously at repealing pro-abortion laws or doing what can be done to make them stronger so that women have a fighting chance to survive the process. Maybe Mr. Obama will find something “ambiguous” about abortion laws that will cause him to note that we need to have this “conversation” about abortion.

The reality is that abortion is never safe. The child always dies and too many women do as well. No one cares except us “right-wingers” who want to take away a woman’s right to choose apparently. Actually, we’re just sick and tired of all the death.

Tonya Reaves needs justice. Who will give it to her? Who will step up and defend her rights? There will be more Tonya Reaves and the left will continue not care.


7 thoughts on “Her Choice Cost Her Life……Justice Needs to be Served

  1. Well, first of all you need to prove medical negligence. So more details of this specific case are required. But if Planned Parenthood were negligent, it’s more proof that abortion should be a normal medical procedure available in easy-to-access outpatient clinics in hospitals.


    1. Not sure if you read the other articles this second trimester abortion is risky. I had one performed and had a similar experience. I was also rushed to the hospital to fid out the abortion wasn’t performed properly.


      1. Medical incompetence is always terrible. It doesn’t make the procedure itself wrong. It just means it needs to be done by competent medical experts. It would be better if abortions were available at hospitals rather than at stand-alone clinics.


      2. I respect your opinion as a woman who has had one performed I think it does more damage mentally. It’s awful to wonder what and who you killed. That’s just my opinion. I appreciate the dialogue about this topic. The mental part is hard because you’re not prepared for it. It drains you with guilt and regret.


      3. As someone once said to me, guilt and regret are useless emotions.You can’t DO anything with them. They just corrode you. The past is the past. All you can do is honour the sadness and move on and make sure the future is better and brighter. Also remember that it’s impossible in the present to remember exactly how desperate we felt in the past. The decisions that now, at a distance, seem difficult to understand, were sometimes the only options we had at the time. You have to trust that your past self knew what she was doing.


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