My Abortions

“You’re pregnant” words we as women love to hear. For some those words will never be spoken, for other maybe once in a lifetime. Today in Ohio they are reviewing the Heartbeat Bill. They are seeking to determine the legal cut off to perform abortions.

I have my own opinion of abortions and the role it plays later in life. Yes, I’ve had two abortions performed so I’m speaking from experience. Not what others have told me or what I feel. You might not feel the way I do, but we will respect the opinions of others.

My first abortion I was 17 years old, already the mother of a 2 year old little girl. The young man I was dating didn’t think it was a great idea. His words were, “if you keep that baby both of y’all will be in a pine box.” So his mother took me have the abortion performed.

It was years later before my next abortion was performed. Then I was the mother of 2, still under the age of 25. I worked at a local Credit Union. Ashamed of what I was about to do I went all the way to Detroit to do this.

Only to come back home having to be rushed to the ER. Ashamed praying I don’t see anyone that comes into my job. The nurse who walks in was a regular, I struggled with telling her the truth.

I knew if I wanted proper treatment I had to be honest about my current situation. I was honest with her holding my head down in shame the entire time.

Both of my abortions were preformed in the first trimester. The first one was before you could hear a heartbeat, the other after the baby had a heartbeat.

Let me explain my post abortion issues. I had NO idea I needed to mourn and grieve. No one ever told me that it was NOT explained to me. All I knew was I was NO longer expecting a child.

After I took my issue to God, the grieving and morning started. After all there was a life taken in the process. I realized certain times of the year, I would get sad, depressed and anxiety would kick in.

I think women need to understand all that comes along with terminating a pregnancy. It’s more than a suction. It’s a boy or a girl it’s a life.

We all know life doesn’t come with a rewind button BUT if it did. I would risk being put in a pine box. I would have NEVER laid on that table. Now because of my faith, I’m unashamed to tell my story. Not only do I tell it, I hold my head high and my shoulders back.

Tonight I challenge you to be who God created you to be, and tell ALL He has saved you from. After all NOT all people walk away from every situation. Give thanks and honor.

I’d like to leave this verse with you;

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5 NIV)

Even though I never met either baby God already knew the gender of both.

Peace, Love and Hugs,

Lady K -:)



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