Greatness Awaits

What are you doing with the gift God has placed inside of you? Are you doing your part to fulfill it?

Have you ever wanted a certain gift? I did I wanted the gift of singing. I always knew the words to the song, just can’t hold a tune. I have a voice the tone of Toni Braxton’s, clueless about why I couldn’t sing.

As I grew older and lived life a little longer the light bulb came on. God doesn’t need me to sing my message, He needs me to tell it. Singing is not what God anointed me to do.

Years later and a ton of failed attempts. I now realize even though I can’t sing I’m still able to worship God. He hears my cry and my worship. I just can’t sing in public!

My testimony and calling need to be expressed in a different way, and I’m ok with that. God uses me to tell my story of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Imagine me always on the phone singing my story? Not a good picture at all.

Tonight I want you to focus on what God has called and anointed you for. What brings you joy when you do it? I enjoy telling my story and helping others learn from my mistakes.

Today take a little time and ask God, what you were created to do. Have paper and pen ready. Do NOT get overwhelmed, He will give you directions as well.

Please share with us what God has revealed to you. With His permission only. I hope you enjoy the verse of the day;

A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great. (Proverbs 18:16 NIV)

Are you willing to allow your gift to make way for you?

Peace, love and hugs,

Lady K-:)

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