My Number One Cheerleader!!!

In life support is always a great thing to have, God always sends you who and what you need. I wanted to share a message from my #1 cheerleader. Please enjoy!

Because Kia has been in my life for many years, I often took for granted that I knew her. I did not know the depth of her experience as a victim and a survivor even though I watched her grow up with my siblings. A few years ago we reconnected and nurtured our own sisterhood; lifeโ€™s experiences had molded both of us and we had much more in common. When she expressed that she wanted to write a book and call it No More Blows I did not initially like the title. What I have learned is that for people who have been effected by physical forms of domestic violence it resonates within them. No. More. Blows.

I have learned a lot about domestic violence and the different forms it takes over the past few months of working with Kia on her anthology. While communicating with her, I cannot help but have my passion ignited. She is vigilant in encouraging, educating and supporting anyone who has been touched by domestic violence or who is willing to advocate for the victims and survivors.

Kia has taken many people under her wings since January of this year. She is an example at her church, in the community, on her job, in the blogosphere and the Twitterverse. One person she has connected with is coworker of mine here in Pittsburgh who needed to know it was okay to grieve for a decision she had made. Kia calls and sends text messages to her and when things are rough, she knows that Kia is always available to her. That is one of the things I love about Kia, she is true to her word.

Kia has taught me that I am also a survivor and that I have a responsibility to take a stand for No More Blows. She has put a name and a face on a very real issue that is often hidden and its victims suffer in silence. No More Blows has been a blessing in my life and for my business, InSCRIBEd Inspiration. My prayer is that she is able to see the fruit of the seed God planted in her from her pain.

I stand with Kia because I believe she is sincere about spreading a message of hope.

I stand for No More Blows because I too am a survivor with a testimony.

Penda L. James, M.Ed.
InSCRIBEd Inspiration, LLC.
Pittsburgh, PA

I remind her often how thankful I am for all her love and support! Please remember sowing is NOT always about money. She sows her talent to help me on this journey.

Love, peace and hugs,

Lady K:-)


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