A Note For Survivors & Victims #31dbc

Today is the last day of the 31 Day Blog Challenge. On this journey God has sent some really amazing people into my life, I’m so thankful for that.

One lady stands out, she read a post about my battle with Domestic Violence. After reading it she offered a curriculum she used at a Battered Women’s Shelter. That made my day, she has been in contact with me. She is pushing me and has NO idea what that means to me.

God never promises you, your cheerleader will be someone you know. I ask her to write some words to those who have been victimized. She sent that as well. I’ll post or later in this post.

Also on this journey the comments have been amazing. Sharing from your pain is NOT always easy. The minute you realize it might free someone else it makes t worth it.

I want to say, “Thanks!” To all my new followers the post and information will continue. I promise you that!

Also if you ever want to submit a post please send it to nomoreblows@yahoo.com. Remember out goal will always be encouraging and restoring.

As promised please read the kind words from Ms. Kieta, the angel God sent while on this 31 day journey;

When I first began to work with victims of domestic violence, I felt an intense sense of guilt for having grown up in a safe, loving home. I wondered what I could possibly give to these women who had experienced so much trauma when I hadn’t walked in their shoes. It is interesting how much our society likes to separate beings; size, race, employment status… you name it, there are a million different ways to convey differences between people. What I learned, very profoundly, in my work with women and children who had been through the experience of domestic violence is that we are all first and foremost human beings, worthy of love and respect. While my personal journey to love and respect myself was not started at the same point on the map, these women and I were on the same journey. When you know and love yourself as the being God created you to be, you are no longer willing to treat yourself as less nor accept mistreatment from others. Certainly, my studies of the dynamics of abuse and logistics of rebuilding a life after leaving an abusive partner proved helpful in my role in the shelter but more than anything I believe that my awareness of the shared journey is what makes me a valuable asset those who seek to overcome the impacts of domestic violence. I am passionate about domestic violence education because I know that many people still believe completely false concepts about why abuse happens, who it happens to and how to best respond to those who do (or don’t) reach out for help. I believe that if everyone understood the dynamics of abuse, not only would we respond more effectively to the very real problem going on in many families, but we would also be much kinder to ourselves. Abuse does not Just occur from the outside in and we All have the power to create change, starting in our very own hearts.

Love, peace and hugs,

Lady K -:)


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