I am From…..#31dbc

Good evening, I trust all is well with you. Tonight’s blog will be unlike any other. We will do a little exercise, often we get so overwhelmed with life. When that happens its easy to forget how far we have come.

This exercise comes from the book Girl Pray For Me by Penda L. James you can buy it off Amazon. Tonight I’ll write where I’m from BUT you’ll also see where God has me now.

After you see how the exercise goes I challenge you to do the same. You might be from my tracks BUT your tracks are just as important. Again the purpose is to stay thankful in everything. I’m sure you will see how Gods grace and mercy have kept you!

I Am From

Mons, Belgium born to Karen Richardson and Ralph Alexander
Raised in Dayton, Ohio
Molested at an early age
Hide my pain by acting out I WAS a rebel
Pregnant at 14 mother at 15
First abusive relationship at the age of 17 forced to abort what would have been my second child
First threat on my life at the age of 18
High School drop out my sophomore year, still graduated with the Class of 99.
Second threat on my life at the age of 19 resulting in the shooting of a City of Dayton police office
First REAL encounter with God
I was delivered, restored and healed from my younger years
Sunday School teacher for 4 years
Church hurt rebelled against The Church
Clubbing Thursday – Sunday
Unhappy with life
Pregnant again at the age of 23
Mother of 2
Abused again
Lover of motorcycles
Looking for love in all the wrong men
Pregnant again suggested by my supervisor I abort the baby (I did)
Rushed to the ER abortion wasn’t performed right
Angry and hates life job as well
Pregnant again this baby I kept
My son passes way at the age of 3 (killed by my daughters father)
Bitter, angry, hateful and full of rage
God showed me He was bigger than ALL of this
I am healed, delivered and restored
I able to share with you so you don’t make the same mistakes
I am a overcomer, kept by God and a walking testimony
I am at peace with my challenges in life
I am still single BUT happy
I am an advocate for victims of physical and sexual abuse
I am a voice for those who need it most
I am free to be me loving and accepting ALL I can NOT change.

That’s where I’m from now write about your life. Yes it stared off rough, I’ve had a lot of pain BUT God is faithful and just. My life shows how God protects us even at our most foolish stages of life.

It is my prayer as you write you see ALL that God has done for you. Happy writing!! If you want to share what you come up with please do…

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter @ImKrich. If you want to share your story of survival please do so at nomoreblows@yahoo.com. The goal is survivors ALL over taking a stand! We are all kept by God. Share His goodness with others!

Love, peace and hugs

Lady K -:)


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