The Cycle of Domestic Violence #31dbc

Today I wanted to do a different kind of post. My passion is domestic violence BUT not everyone understands it. Today I found the power control wheel used by a lot of people who teach on domestic violence.

Tonight after you view the wheel I want to have open discussion. I want us as people to discuss the number one reason women visit the ER more than rapes and muggings combined.

Maybe after you view the wheel you will think of someone you dated BUT escaped the situation. You might see warning signs of a friends man. Either way prevention is my goal.

Prevention helps saves lives and allows women to stay safe. The goal isn’t to keep women single BUT to allow women to have happy and healthy relationships. As I often say, “It’s never the will of God any of his children are beat.”

Abuse is NOT a sign or love. Abuse is not acceptable for any gender, race, nationality or sexual preference. Our goal is No More Blows!!

Peace, hugs and love

Lady K-:)


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