Stand United For Trayvon #31dbc

The past 11 hours have been emotional for us as a whole. People are in a state of shock as George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY in the high profile case of killing Trayvon Martin.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks alike were on fire. The people voiced their opinion NO matter how they felt. Angry and rage filled the air as people took those outlets to have fits of rage.

Am I saying we shouldn’t be angry? Not at all, I don’t feel we should use the race card. According to my TL I read post of anger from ALL races. I read just as many Caucasian post expressing anger.

We should take this time to Stand United. I’m sure God can use any situation to being people together. I even read a post saying President Obama needs to do something. I thought that was far fetched.

If we know anything and the POTUS and FLOTUS I’m sure they reached out to the family. Even if it wasn’t in a public manner. We know enough about their character to believe that. Now back to the rage and anger.

NOT GUILTY across the TV my heart fell I thought for sure a guilty verdict was coming on a lesser charge. Then the judge said, “you’re free to go.” I thought about the parents at that time.

Then I thought just because a jury found him NOT GUILTY doesn’t mean he is off. God is the only other person who knows the truth about that day. God has a way of making things work out.

Even when you feel like the justice system has failed you MUST remember we serve a God who NEVER fails. We serve a just God even if our system is unjust.

It’s my prayer that Pastors teach on God being a just God. This is NOT the time to confirm to what the world wants to hear but what they need. Also to the Pastors with multicultural congregations this is NOT the day for you to cause division at home.

Today lets STAND UNITED and allow God to fight the battle. We must have FAITH that God will get the glory in all of this. God can use tragedy to allow us to give Him glory.

Are you willing to upset the ultimate Judge because you’re angry and feel like we again as a people have been failed? Or will you allow the light in you to shine brighter than it did before? Either way the choice is yours. Let me share a Tweet from the Father of Trayvon Martin


That’s from the Father of Trayvon. Supporters where is your faith? United we will stand for Trayvon and all other victims of these senseless murders.

Let me share a verse with you:

All this is evidence that God’s judgment is right, and as a result you will be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are suffering. God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you (2 Thessalonians 1:5, 6 NIV)

Love, peace and hugs,

Lady K-:)


2 thoughts on “Stand United For Trayvon #31dbc

  1. I’ve read and shared many posts about my heartbreak over this verdict but even more so for our society which feels further torn apart by race and fear. I wholeheartedly agree that unity is the answer for all of us… to come together and see ourselves in the eyes of every other human being. I know that the reality is that racism still exists though many people prefer to pretend it doesn’t. The only way I can see through that is to keep insisting on creating a world where it doesn’t. Every day that we personally choose love over fear is another day closer to everyone choosing to do so. My prayers go out to every parent who has ever lost a child. You are loved and if I can be of service to you, let me know. I will do what I can.


    1. Good evening!!! I thank you humbly for reading my post. This a heartbreaking BUT it’s in situations like this GOD works best! If we Stand United God will get the glory!!!


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