It Had to Happen #31dbc

Today while doing some house cleaning I found a sermon my Pastor preached back in March, titled It Had to Happen. Then I thought about two young ladies I mentor often.

When I was 10 I was molested by a teenage babysitter. He was the son of my mothers childhood friend. My mother trusted him to keep both me and my sister. However he took advantage of the situation and had his way with me.

These two young ladies both have been molested as well. One of them I met while co-hosting a blog talk show. This show I talked a lot about my testimony. This young lady found me on Facebook and that’s how our connection started.

The other young lady I met while volunteering at a local garden, doing a youth program. This one young lady was so tough. She was hiding her pain with this tough outer shell. I remember telling her we have more in common than you know. I had NO idea it was being molested.

As time goes on I’ve taken both of these young ladies under my wings. One of these ladies I’ve never met, BUT she trust the God in me to open up with me. The other young lady lives locally. My passion is the same for both. Our connection is with God and nothing else.

My passion and prayer is that God heals these young ladies. I remember being a little girl crying from the tingle and throb after he would molest me. I
hated the weekends. Now I can share my story with both of these young ladies. It Had to Happen. Looking back over the trials in my life that have all worked out to help another person. God always gets the glory.

Think about that situation that brings you pain. Then think about Jesus dying on the cross. Then tell yourself, “It Had to Happen.” Jesus had to die for your healing. You had to endure that HARDSHIP for another persons healing.

That’s a hard pull to swallow. I had to swallow it as well. Dinah and Tamar were both taken advantage of in the Bible. After reading their stories it gave me hope and strength. It showed me nothing is new under the sun.

Tonight as you think about your HARDSHIP think about who God needs you help. Your healing and deliverance is for you to save someone just like God saved you.

As always I want to leave this verse with you;
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:3 NIV)

God heals all wounds!

Peace, Love and Hugs,

Lady K -:)


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