Unity For Domestic Violence #31dbc

Good evening, this will not be a long post at all. I want to pick the brains of some readers. I often wonder if we as survivors of Domestic Violence came together like the homosexual community, what kind of moves and laws would change?

I think about the determination of the homosexual community. When they come together its not about any one couple getting rich or becoming famous. It’s a sad day when ones testimony is being pimped for funds and fame.

When did we get so arrogant that we will pimp what God has saved us from and put a price and ticket on it? How is it we get so delivered we feel our deliverance is better than the next? That’s not of God and its causing a lot of division in the community. Lets get back to our first love. Loving God better than we love the things of the world.

I’m waiting for the day we as survivors stop worrying about who’s organization will get the credit, who’s story of deliverance or who will become famous. Get back to seeing people delivered from the hands of abusers. I’m waiting for us to stand in unity say No to Domestic Violence.

That’s all for now! Just wanted to clear my mind. Lets come together in unity to stand for all still in he battlefield!

As usual let me leave a verse with you;

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! (Psalm 133:1 NIV)

Peace, Love and Hugs

Lady K -:)

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