We Are Survivors!!! #31dbc

In a perfect world there would be no pain, no death, no sorrow or any sadness. Since the world isn’t perfect we have all of that, God knowing it would come to die for ALL of us. Often we get so caught up in our own MESS we forget how Jesus felt on the cross. […]

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A Night of Hope #31dbc

Tonight I’m going to post a few verses that always give me hope, keep me encouraged and show me that God holds ALL power. Maybe you have a few verses, if so please share with us! We would love to share. Remember the goal is to give God glory! Now I want you to know, […]

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My Chains Your Freedom #31dbc

Good morning!!! Have you ever read a verse and said, “I can use that for my calling?” Last night I had one of those moments. It was like a light bulb can on. Let me share with you what the verse says; And because of my chains, most of the brothers and sisters have become […]

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Agree or Disagree?? #31dbc

Today was a great day for the women in Cleveland. I was so thankful Castro took the plea deal offered to him. Trials are mentally draining to those who have to testify. I am sure they were just as happy, now they can start to close this chapter. Lets keep these ladies in our prayers. […]

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