Homosexual And Domestic Violence

God shows us love unlike ANY other. He came in the form of man to die for ALL sins, not some. This post MIGHT be one that offends some, and I’m ok with that. I think saving lives is about more than a lifestyle it’s about the love God tells us to have for one another.

Tonight as I wrote who all No More Blows will stand for the LGBT Community came to mind. The homosexual community might be the hardest hit when it comes to partner violence as Domestic Violence is called.

No where in the book does it say, “Marriage” has to be the determining factor. How are we protecting heterosexual couples NOT married BUT leave the LGBT Community to be violated.

Lets look at a few things, let me clear the air I’m writing from my heart NOT a manual. I also don’t believe in standing for something after its hurt me in some kind of way. I hope you can put your religious thoughts to the side long enough to understand and feel the post.

Have you ever talked to someone in the homosexual community? If you’re like me you ask the questions others WILL NOT ask. Often times when you ask, why they live this lifestyle most have been hurt, molested or neglected. Then you have those who say they were born that way.

The last one is NOT my main concern and that’s another post. Lets talk bout those who run from one type of abuse to another. Lets talk about those who have hidden the pain looking for love.

Their search for love is NO different. They have a void that MUST be filled. And I don’t think they should have to endure ABUSE of ANY kind on this journey.

Tonight I want to pray for the LGBT Community and its many forms of Domestic Violence. Rape is rape and a hit is a hit NO matter the sexual preference.

When a man molest a little boy it’s still molestation. When a man abuses a little boy physically it’s still abuse. Just like a man raping a man is rape. A woman hitting another woman is abuse.

Tonight join No More Blows as we take a stand against ALL forms of Domestic Violence.

I would also like to leave a scripture with you this evening:

This is My commandment: that you love one another [just] as I have loved you. No one has greater love [no one has shown stronger affection] than to lay down (give up) his own life for his friends. (John 15:12, 13 AMP)

Tonight lets show LOVE just as The Father does!

Love, Peace and Hugs

Lady K -:)


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