16 and Mothering Part 1

Where do we draw the lines? I’m outraged with shows the “Show off” parenting teens. It’s time for US to take a stand. The US is every adult who wants better for future generations to come. And every teen who feels you deserve better.

Last night ABC 20/20 did a story on a young lady from Texas she is 16 and pregnant. Her parents upset for good reason wanted her to abort the baby. She turns to her boyfriends family who I believe took the wrong route. Lets explore this little journey.

First let me tell you I’ve been in Reagan’s shoes the only difference is I was 14 and pregnant already a mother when I turned 16. My mother like her parents upset at the fact I was pregnant. The first thing my mother said was, “Not for long.” Needless to say my daughter is now 17 and I’m 32.

My mothers plans to abort the baby folded when I woke up sick one morning. The appointment was made. The trip was planned we were going to Detroit to have this done. I was already 5 months pregnant. I had NO clue. I was a freshman in High School just finished volleyball season.

The guys mother took me to have the test done after having a conversation with her mother. I still remember like yesterday laying on the ultrasound table at Elizabeth New Life Center. This baby was breathing, moving and very real.

Shock, shame, guilt and the thought of my mother consumed my mind really quick. I wasn’t proud in any way BUT I had to lay in the bed I made.

My mother made we stay with a cousin for a little while I went to school daily. Not telling a soul at this point I thought this baby wouldn’t be inside of me for long. I reached to turn the TV on while in homeroom. The teacher noticed my stomach and pulled me in the hallway. She ask, “are you pregnant?” I just held my head down nothing to say. The form in my stomach said it all.

I thought we were the only two who knew until I went to biology class. Not sure what the teacher and I got into it about. Next thing I know she was putting me out the class. Then yells out “She’ll be taking care of me and my baby because I was going to be on welfare.” Angry, embarrassed and upset. I disrespected her and cussed her out. Lets just say I thank God for deliverance.

That history was given so readers would know I’m NOT coming down on Reagan in any way. I want her to be successful in life. I want the baby to be healthy, happy and bring joy out of this situation. I also need her to understand her parents were angry, hurt and upset.

To her parents I’m thankful she was able to get away for that time. I hate she was manipulated by adults who over reacted just like you did. Both parties show what happens when your actions are controlled by your emotions. Lack of reasonable choices lead to this teen taking her parents to court. Allowing their private laundry to be played out nationally.

I live in Dayton, Ohio and the Tweets came from all around the world as millions watched the show. I read some of the comments. Laughed at some and thought others should be deleted.

I’m sure this is all overwhelming for Reagan. I do applaud her mother for letting her come back. I know some parents who would have walked away from the child. I don’t care what the judge says Reagan needs parents and support right now.

Part two of this post will talk about Pastor kids forced to marry when they get pregnant and Reality TV gone too far. As Reagan made reference to the show Teen Moms. Until then

Love, Peace and Hugs

Lady K!!


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