Faith = Work

Today as I sit thinking about where would we be if we did what God called us to. Have you ever heard God say move? Do this or do that? Then your flesh rises up asking how?

I’ve been there, was there for a long time! It was 2 years ago when God first spoke No More Blows over my life. I started writing a book about my life using four different women. I was excited 26 pages over 10,000 words into the book the passion to write it died quickly.

A few days later I received an email looking for submissions for an Anthology. I sat that same day typed 8 pages. Sent it to Penda (my writing coach and publisher) who did the editing and poof reading. Waited months to hear “Good News.” That news never came. I was broken feeling like I wasted my time. They didn’t pick my writing.

Then God was able to tell me what to do with my writing. After sharing the news with my Pastor Jamila Z. Lyons she encouraged me to start my own blog. I did just that!!

Shortly after I started collecting submissions for an Anthology God needed me to do!!! I almost wanted to ask why an Anthology? Before I could form it. I had the answer already. Domestic Violence comes in different forms while I’ve experienced MOST of them God needs to get the glory.

When the task was given to me, I thought of a million reason why I couldn’t do it. Like most of us money is at the top of the list. I started with, “Lord I don’t have.” Only to be reminded He has it all.

I started the blog from a work computer, all of my post come from my cellphone. Then the non profit came from a donation from someone who believes in the cause. God will make a way.

What are you willing to do? Are you willing to do as He tells you to? Are you willing to keep it on the down low until its time to release it. I had to hide this from MOST of my family.

Not because I was scared of what they would say. I had to guard my ear gates. I didn’t want to be put in a position to doubt God at all.

Tonight here is my challenge to you! What have you been holding back? Maybe it’s not to write a book or start a non profit. Maybe God is calling you to open a business. My task for you is to write it down! The Bible tells us to write “the vision an make it plain!”

Tonight I want you to hit the “Faith” button put on your best shoes and walk it out!! Last but not least let me leave this verse with you;

For as the human body apart from the spirit is lifeless, so faith apart from [its] works of obedience is also dead. (James 2:26 AMP)

Peace, hugs and love

Lady K

PS, The hard work and sacrifice will pay off!!! Seeing people happy should make you happy!

Kia -:)


One thought on “Faith = Work

  1. Yes, yes, and yes… Walking in obedience to whatever He tells me to do. Moved, wrote a book which is about to be released, and started a ministry to reach out to victims of abuse. Awaiting the non profit status before donations and just walking in faith… I totally understand what you are saying… Blessings to you…


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