16 and Mothering Part 1

Where do we draw the lines? I’m outraged with shows the “Show off” parenting teens. It’s time for US to take a stand. The US is every adult who wants better for future generations to come. And every teen who feels you deserve better. Last night ABC 20/20 did a story on a young lady […]

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Honor Thy Father

As I sit thinking Fathers Day is this weekend. This being the first year in my 32 years I’ll ever send my Father a gift. As I search for cards I can’t find one to express where we’ve grown to. I didn’t grow up a “Daddy’s Girl.” I was a “Momma’s Girl” rotten to the […]

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Faith = Work

Today as I sit thinking about where would we be if we did what God called us to. Have you ever heard God say move? Do this or do that? Then your flesh rises up asking how? I’ve been there, was there for a long time! It was 2 years ago when God first spoke […]

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Thank You!!!

Good evening!!!! I trust all is going well with you! This is simply a Thank-You post!! We appreciate you subscribing to the blog. We also appreciate those of you who reblog post as well! Your comments are humbling and appreciated just as much! Please continue with the love and support! We love you so much!! […]

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Your Support is Needed!!!

Good evening!!! Tonight I am going to ask for the support of the readers. As most of you have read Team No More Blows is working on an Anthology. Below you will find a link so you can support a cause very much needed. Any amount helps it all adds up! Please do your part […]

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