Why I Blog

Tonight as I think about ALL God has protected me from. I owe him more than I’ll ever be able to repay. That’s why I blog! I blog to give God praise and glory for His protection, guidance and deliverance. God saves us to tell others and encourage them to press. I’ve have plenty of […]

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Thank You!!!!

Good evening!!! This post is just a simple thank you for taking time to subscribe to this blog. God has made this season possible. It’s our hope you find healing, deliverance and restoration as you read through the post. We appreciate all those who have left comments and liked post on the blog. If you […]

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Your Alabaster Box

This post is inspired by a question I ask to my followers on Twitter. It’s a simple yet thought provoking question. If you could think on two women in the Bible pre-deliverance and post- deliverance who would you be? If you’ve read any of my post you know I’m very honest and outspoken at times. […]

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Fetal Position 2 of 2

After high school I started classes at the Community College. He was so controlling he dropped me off and picked me up. I could only get to ten minutes before class started and he was always there when I got out. He made sure I had no social life: when I was free he made […]

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Fetal Position 1 of 2

Bloglets, it’s been a few days I had to pray and see what would be next. I wrote this piece a year ago. I submitted this as an entry for a book to raise awareness on Domestic Violence. It was NOT on of the entries picked. I was salty at the time, now I’m doing […]

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A Cry For Reeva…

Heartache! All the way from South Africa, I felt the news of Reeva, the girlfriend of South African athlete, Oscar. You may remember Oscar from the Summer Olympics, he was the guy from South Africa with the blades. His legs were cut off as a little boy and his parents made the decision to amputate […]

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NMB-Call for Submissions Becoming a survivor of Domestic Violence takes a lot of support from friends and family, a lot of prayer and self-determination. The passion that I have to raise awareness of this silent epidemic is a result of my own journey. If you are reading this you have either been identified as someone […]