My Shadow

My shadow was angry, aggressive and abusive.
My shadow would beat, bruise and belittle me.
My shadow was cunning, a coward and not so clever.
My shadow was deceptive, deadly and detrimental to my thoughts.
My shadow was evil, envious and embarrassing at times.
My shadow was faithless, fake and fearless.
My shadow was NOT gentle, often grumpy, and a grumbled when I didn’t obey.
My shadow was homicidal, horrific and humiliating at times.
My shadow was ignorant, illogical, and irrational if it wasn’t going his way.
My shadow was jealous, judgmental and joyless about life.
My shadow killed my self-esteem, kept me from those who loved me and kidnapped my thoughts.
My shadow was loveless, lonely, and lowly for trying to destroy me.
My shadow was full of malice, had maniac habits and miserable at times.
My shadow was negative, nasty and neglectful.
My shadow would offend, oppress and have outburst when I wanted to be me.
My shadow was painful, pitiful and pathetic.
My shadow would quickly hurt me, often told to me keep quiet about the abuse and questioned my when he didn’t believe me.
My shadow was rough, would rape me if I said no sex and recite how NO one else wanted me.
My shadow was selfish, sabotaging, and simple in his thinking.
My shadow would torture, torment and threaten me often.
My shadow was uncontrollable, unapproachable and undisciplined.
My shadow was vulgar, violent and vicious.
My shadow forced me to build a wall, making me feel worthless leading to many weeping nights.
My shadow taught me eXceptional lessons, allowing me to eXam people a little different now I give eXta attention to the signs.
My shadow stole my youth, would often yell and wanted me to be his yes’ man.
My shadow stayed in a zone and had NO zeal for life.

Ladies coming out of an abusive relationship means you’re NO longer subject to your shadow. Tonight make a list of what your shadow WAS. Then make a list if who you are today.

Peace, love and hugs to all!!!



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