April Showers

F— you b—-” is all I hear. I was outside with my daughter as she is riding her bike. There was a lot of commotion going on while we were out there.

Out of one apartment comes a lady and young man arguing. Not even the two I had seen previously arguing inside of the apartment. One young man accuses her, you are the one who got it all started.”

Another guy comes storming out of the apartment with a sharp object trying to stab the other guy. I was stunned sitting there, unsure of what has happened. All I could hear was his voice saying, “F— you b—-.”

As an advocate for Domestic Violence I knew this wasn’t a situation I wanted to be involved with so I quickly turned around, took my daughter and headed to my place.

The anger, rage and name calling are all things I once experienced. I felt sorry for the young lady inside of the apartment. I mean he had NO problem using the curse words as he told the other guy, “f— you and your b—-.” I wanted to throw some soap in hopes he would choke on it and think of the words he uses when speaking to women.

I’m not really sure how the story ends for them on this occasion. One thing I’m certain of this wasn’t the first time she was disrespected in this manner. I’m sure this happens often when he has his silly fits of rage because something doesn’t go his way.

The sad part is he got up in another man’s face and didn’t throw one punch. He did swing the sharp object he held in his hand. Not sure what it was, just know he was swinging it when he came out of the apartment. The sad reality is most men who hit on women don’t hit men. They are cowards having a man fit. Many times they are unable to control themselves and feel the need to feel superior to someone. So he finds someone he feels he can use and abuse.

This is 2013 and women are fighting back by any means. Women are NO longer taking the blows. If they take the first one you better believe she is throwing some back. If not her fist she is reaching for something to defend herself.

Yes, the police were called and as usual no one was taken into custody. The sad part is the cover up is normal, may times the victim hides the truth out of fear. Fear how her or his family will react. Fear of being outed for standing up for herself. I’ve been there and done that. I am still being talked about by the family and those who have NO idea what happened behind closed doors. Many observers in my life are going off what they heard happened.

Had I known it would be this way I would have called the police and pressed charges years ago. I would have saved myself some gossip and slander. However I didn’t and can’t dwell on what I didn’t do.

Let me leave this with you, you have a right to respect yourself an defend yourself. You also have the right to feel safe where ever you lay your hair down. You don’t need to be sleeping with one eye closed and one eye open.

You deserve to sleep like a baby nightly . Today if you or someone you know is being abused. Neither one of you deserve it! That’s NOT the will of God for any of his daughters.

God has better for you, just let go of the dead weight then He will release it to you!

Not sure what happened with the situation I do know before I completed this post there was an ambulance called and someone was taken away.

I guess this is a new meaning to April Showers. Please pray God’s will is done.

Peace, hugs and love to all!

Lady K:-)

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