Oscar vs Jodi

This post is for me to clear my heart and mind. Today I want to talk about Oscar and Jodi. Two people from two different walks of life; both accused of murdering their partner.

One is a rich male athlete from South Africa. The other a not so rich woman from Arizona. One is accused of shooting his partner four times. The other of stabbing her boyfriend over 20 times. Yes, you read that right 20 times.

Here we have two people accused of the same crime, a partner dead in
cold-blooded murder some might add. Both are now victims of Domestic Violence in my book.

The sad part is the people, NOT the jury is divided on who and what to believe. It will be a while before the trial in South Africa begins, however our American trial is going on now. In a few days the jury should be passing down a verdict in her case.

Let’s talk about the people and what some say. As a former victim of Domestic Violence I’m not saying you never think about killing the person who causes you harm. There was a time I was fed up with running to pay phones and sleeping on my friend’s white chaise lounge.

I didn’t have the heart to act out what I thought to do to him. What I played in my head several times and what I even felt confident to do; I would get off with the crime. Then I thought, “I don’t want to hurt the family of the person who hurts me. He makes threats and I’m not sure if he will make good on them.” I don’t want people to think I’m not human.

We have a ton of thoughts every day. We often feel our wrongs will be made right.

Now let me talk about my feelings and thoughts about both of these two. First let me say I think both are guilty. I don’t feel one is greater than the other. The sad part is you have people who feel Oscar’s story is more believable than Jodi’s.

I’m not sure how or where we get our double standards from. What makes us think rich folks don’t have issues or problems? Rich people are NOT perfect in any way. As we see they have issues just like us “normal people.”

You have support teams speaking out for both. However you have more people speaking badly about Jodi. She is an evil murderer to some. While Oscar on the hand is the victim who was about to be robbed.

We can pick both stories apart for days even years. I mean OJ Simpson’s murder trial is still talked about more than 10 years later. The Ray Carruth hype has died down. The difference in the two, Ray is in jail and more than half of America feels OJ got away with murder. Let me get back to my point.

My purpose in bringing those cases up. I just wanted to show you how people always have something to say.

I want justice for both families. The victim’s family deserves the truth: no lies, deceit or scandals to make one party look better than the other. And if any of you are following Oscar’s case his lawyers are asking for new bail arrangements.

I don’t think he deserves it. I knew if they gave him bail he would make it. I just want you to research the two cases and let me know what you think.

I always try to keep in mind the information we get is second hand for two reasons. Neither victim is here to speak, and the media is able to edit as they please.

Please join me while I pray for both men and women to learn to exercise
self-control. Also think about how their actions will effect everyone involved.

That’s what kept me from acting a fool when I felt justified. I had a daughter who needed me. And because I thought before I acted I’m able to write these posts about the shadows of Domestic Violence.


Lady K


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