Rihanna is Grown…

We sure know how to pick silly battles in this world….

Rihanna has made the choice to make public appearances with Chris Brown who beat her a few years ago. Yes, we all viewed the pictures as they went viral across the web, tabloids, and every news station. There is NO doubt something happened inside of the car the two were in.

What happened? According to the pictures she was beat, her face was black and blue.

Rihanna has been called a ton of names because she has made the choice to have some form of relationship with Chris again; to our knowledge she is not being forced. She willingly goes where she pleases.

This is my question to those who are upset and outraged about her decision.

Where is that rage when women who can’t afford to get up and leave are forced to stay? Where is the compassion for them?

Every day a woman is forced to stay with a man who beats her. Sorry, there are no pictures to show you, her abuser isn’t famous. Night after night she prays for someone who will rescue her.

Now your other possible question may be, why can’t she leave? Chances are he has her money on lock, he drives her where she needs to go, and he might even monitor her phone conversations.

The point is we put too much thought into people we don’t know and people who are able to help themselves. I was once controlled by a man. He dropped me off, picked me up and needed to know all the moves I made.

I was young and silly. I thought that man loved me that much. That’s NOT love – it’s another form of control. It is a way to monitor who you might share details of what goes on behind the doors at your castle.

I want to challenge you to reach out to someone who may have distance because of a relationship. Chances are things could be just fine but then again, the distance might be a silent cry for help.

Send a card, a text or just make a phone call. You don’t have to ask a ton of questions. Just keep it simple let her know you’re thinking of her and miss the times y’all used to share!

If she is being abused in any way, that message will brighten up her day. Offer to meet for dinner away from the house. These are just a few little tips you can try to reach out to your loved one. We all need someone.

Was I upset when the news hit about Rihanna? Yes, I was upset. When I looked at the pictures I thought about the time I had a concussion and an ugly bruise on my face.

I thought “she should leave that joker, she deserves better than that and I hope she never goes back.” As an advocate for women who want to leave, I wanted her out of the relationship.

This situation showed us a few things, friends and family have NO power to control a woman. A woman is going to stay with who she wants NO matter what we think of them.

When this happens you don’t have the right to say she is dumb, stupid or silly. According to statistics 1 in 4 women will experience DV in her lifetime. And if you’ve been blessed and NEVER been abused do you part to keep it that way.

The other victims may not be Rihanna and her Boo. They may not have Chris Brown or Rihanna’s money BUT she still needs a voice. If you need a visual of what intimate partner violence looks like, google a picture of Rihanna and pretend she is your friend or a close family member.

Tonight let us pray for those wanting a safe way of escape. Take a stand with me and say No More Blows!

Peace and Hugs to all:-)



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