A Cry For Reeva…

Heartache! All the way from South Africa, I felt the news of Reeva, the girlfriend of South African athlete, Oscar.

You may remember Oscar from the Summer Olympics, he was the guy from South Africa with the blades. His legs were cut off as a little boy and his parents made the decision to amputate them via the advice of medical experts.

Once again we have people coming out saying there have been domestic calls made to this house prior to the case. I’m not sure why he lived in such a secure area and still felt the need to have so many guns.

When the news first broke, reports were that he thought someone was breaking into his house. Let’s say that is the truth, my mind still tells me that you would have to see your target before you shoot. There would have been something about her familiar face and small frame that would say she wasn’t breaking in to his house.

Reading the reports about murders like this upsets me for two reasons:
1.) We will NEVER know both sides of the story. The victim is dead unable to speak and tell his or her side of the story.
2.) When the accused has a story, good or bad, the media always finds a way to avoid the topic at hand.

The way I look at this we have another victim of Domestic Violence who will be laid to rest. All because a man was unable to exercise self-control. My heart breaks. This could have been me. My heart hurts for her family.

Another report says a neighbor heard arguing coming from the house before the shooting. If that is true my mind also tells me that was a clear indication he then realized his home wasn’t being broken into.

We all have tons of questions at this point. Some will NEVER be answered. What I would like is for all of us to stand united in prayer. Ask God to have His way and get the glory.

This should come as another lesson to all of us. If you have a male or female friend being abused, we as survivors must stand together for them. Abuse is never acceptable.

The reality is often when sex is a factor sexual soul ties are real. There is something about the act the blinds some of us. We’ve all played the fool a time or two. Can you share how you stopped playing the fool for sex?

Speaking out after the murder has to stop. We have to love our friends enough to tell the truth while he or she is still living. We must start taking a stand while he or she can hear! If you’re not the person to talk to, find out where the resources are and connect with the right people. Understand that you don’t have the power to help everyone. GOD has given you someone to help.

I ask you to keep Reeva’s family in your prayers. I know the pain of having a child taken tragically. I do not know what it is like to have a famous person with tons of money to be the accused perpetrator of the crime.

Keep Oscar and his family in your prayers as well. I don’t know how it feels to be looking at life in prison. He and his family will need the prayers.

The bottom line: let’s speak up and take a stand before a fatality occurs.


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