We ALL need each other….

Survivors, God is giving ALL of us permission to Live, Love and Laugh!

When I look back over my life I could say, “woe is me”. Yet, when I think about the goodness of God I think “Who is He!”

Jesus was a sinless man; perfect. He obeyed EVERY command God spoke to Him. He died on the cross for selfish and sinful people.

Today, we are going to focus on the NOW. There is nothing we can do about what has already happened except LEARN from it.

Make a list of all the things God has saved you from, as much as you can remember. Think about the situations YOU put YOURSELF in and how He still showed up when you needed Him.

Now if God did all of that for you, why are you still walking around saying “Woe is me”? Why do you rehearse the pain over and over again?

You are not really free from your experience and able to tell your testimony if you get angry when you share it. You are simply allowing anger to prevent you from dealing with the situation. If you refuse to deal with it, anger will continue to rise up.

How are you helping others? Are you waiting on a big “pay day” to do what called you to do? Are you waiting for someone else to acknowledge the call on your life? If so you will be waiting forever and ever. It’s not man’s job to hear from God about your life.

One thing you better know about God is He will allow you to get the message without a third party. I was once told by a former Pastor, “Women have NO real place of authority.” He stood by that statement. I was good enough to teach Sunday School and that was all. For years I allowed his words to allow my dream to be hidden in darkness.

I did not allow the passion that I felt burning to die. I eventually had to leave that church to pursue my passion.

Write down what brings you joy and excitement. What could you do and NOT expect to be paid? What makes your heart skip a beat?

My passion is to be an advocate for victims and survivors of sexual, physical and mental violence.

I was once a victim with NO place to go. I was a victim at an early age; forced to perform my first “bj” at the age of six in a treehouse by one of the teenaged boys in the neighborhood. I was supposed to be playing with his sister and he was playing with me.

The second time I was violated, I was nine. My mother trusted her friend’s son to keep my sister and I when she worked third shift. He broke, or stole my hymen.
I was his weekend Booty Call and I was 30 years old before I was finally able to sleep in the dark.

I hid the secret from my Mother until I was 26 to protect her relationship with her childhood friend. Plus, I knew she couldn’t afford to pay anyone else to keep my sister and I. When I told her, I made her promise me she shouldn’t treat her childhood friend any differently. She wasn’t mad at me when I told her why I hid this from her. She just said, “I now understand why you would act out at times and do some of the things you did.”
Gems and Jewels the very thing God has saved you from us what He needs you to do in His kingdom. Maybe you were not a victim of Sexual Abuse. Just think about how you would have felt if someone would have invested time in your specific pain.

One thing I hate for people to do is put their opinion on someone else’s actions without knowing the back story. They look at your actions and speak judgmental things over them.

When I was a little girl running around the Boys & Girls Club all the adults called me “fast.” I was boy crazy. If just one of those wonderful adults had taken a few minutes to tap into my life, maybe their formed opinion could have helped shaped my violent reality.

Who is the one person you ALWAYS have an opinion about? Someone old or young? What have you done to tap into your thoughts of this person? Could your perspective be wrong? If the answer is “Nothing,” do yourself a favor.

Keep your mouth off of that person if you have NO desire to help them or find out the truth to confirm your opinion. Your attitude might be blocking that person’s healing.

If you do tap into the person and feel its too much for you. Be honest enough to say I don’t feel your pain or understand then connect them with someone who does.

The church members often tear down many people with gossip. You expect slander and backstabbing in the world. It’s time out for Pastors and teachers using what’s shared in private for public humility because they may have been too lazy to study for the week. I call them the “Pulpit bully.”

I wish some Pastors and teachers would stop acting like they can be the only advocate for Christians. If you’re a Pastor or teacher reading this think of some of the sheep you may have done harm to by neglecting to reach out after you formed a negative opinion.

The brave will be bold enough to make the phone call and ask for forgiveness. Some have too much pride for that. Either way, make that thing right with God and keep those people covered in prayer.

Today we all should have lists to reflect on. We all need help, and we have all done some people wrong unintentionally.

As mentioned above God died for ALL of that. Now that you know better do better.
Let me leave a little something with you. “When you make the choice to repeat gossip there is a 50/50 chance you can look like a fool in the end.”

The ultimate goal is to teach ALL of US to keep our mouth off of people and put our prayers on them!

Enjoy you day. Live. Laugh. Love.

Lady K

XXXXX “hugs”


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