My Heart Is Heavy…

I’m not even sure how to feel this Friday evening. Yesterday I was informed that another young lady and her male friend was shot to death in the early hours of the morning. She was gunned down by a former boyfriend who recently moved out according to people close to her. Why am I hurt?

Not because I knew her BUT because this is a passion of mine. I have a desire to help young ladies and men leave these situations with dignity and respect. Above both of those with life. I don’t even know the young lady, the fact she is yet another victim of Domestic Violence brings sorrow to my heart.

Looking at the fact 12 years ago this could have very well been me and my daughter. Thanks be unto God neither one of us was injured physically. The mental damage of ANY domestic situation takes time to get over. Enough of my situation. Let me explain why this situation hurts me so.

It’s NOT until the victims death those close to her/ him want to speak out. It’s then you hear people saying, ” I always felt something was wrong.” The sad part is when the victim is gone he/she can’t hear your concern.

Often while the person is living he/she hears more judgment about being dumb for staying. And the famous, ” if it was me I would.” Until you’re in a situation you never know how or what you will do. Tonight we add another victim to list of others taken tragically all because he/she wanted out. When do we take a stand to finally say NoMoreBlows???

Well you may NOT believe in the cause but I do. We stand for gay rights, abortion laws and picket lines if the union doesn’t agree with us. It’s time out for victims falling prey to the predator who doesn’t understand it’s over.

Tonight I want to leave a few signs to watch out for ;
1. He/she wants to dictate how and where you spend your time.
2. He/she checks the mileage of the automobile when you return from places.
3. He/she shows up unannounced at places you hang out at.
4. He/ she feels all your spare time needs to be with him/her.
5. When ask for sex if you say “NO” he/she forces you to perform ANY sexual act.
6. He/she begins to control how and where you spend your money at.
7. If you have a friend ALWAYS wearing clothes out of season. Chances are he/she is hiding something under the clothes.
8. If you have a friend wearing sunglasses on cloudy gloomy days.
9. You have a friend who suddenly stops spending time with you. Don’t always assume he/she is, “acting brand new.”

Please learn the signs and take note. Never ask your friend in front of the person you think is abusing him/her. Tonight I want you to survey some of your friends. Mostly the ones you cut off because he/she has a new Boo. Look at the signs above. Warming always comes before destruction. Tonight don’t allow one of your friend to be another. “I always knew something was wrong.” Change the game allow him/her to hear your concern while he/she is still here with us.

Let me leave you with this NEVER pass judgement on ANY thing they share with you. You don’t know what you would do in the situation. If you’ve lives it already share your wisdom NOT your opinion. Meaning tell how you left the person who beat you. Chances are the first hit will NEVER be the last unless its a fatal blow.

Today take a stand with me in saying, NoMoreBlows all around the world. May God bless each and every one of you. Let me leave this Bible verse with you tonight, For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it is good or evil. (Ecclesiastes 12:14 AMP)

God will bring EVERY action into judgement. Sending love, peace and cyber hugs to all!

Respectfully yours,

Special K,




2 thoughts on “My Heart Is Heavy…

  1. I am hoping I can get some experienced feedback from the professionals who have been there and done it and are currently doing it in the workforce as of today. Or any great advice will be greatly appreciated!


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