My Heart Is Heavy…

I’m not even sure how to feel this Friday evening. Yesterday I was informed that another young lady and her male friend was shot to death in the early hours of the morning. She was gunned down by a former boyfriend who recently moved out according to people close to her. Why am I hurt? […]

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Jezebel’s Spirit Is Unisex

Why is it when a woman walks in the church half naked she is often called Jezebel? Why are we lead to believe she was JUST a sex symbol of the past? Jezebel was a woman who worshipped a pagan fertility god Baal, thought to many to control rain and harvest. Lets look at some […]

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Dear Florida Professor

Howdy!!! First let me start by thanking God I didn’t post this 6 hours ago. I was sitting in the doctors office, Fox News was on I heard one of the most ignorant things ever. A Professor from Florida accused the people of Newtown, CT of “staging the death of the victims of the school […]

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Bye Bye Forever….

Happy New Year to all of you!!! I’m super excited about taking care of he business God has set before me. Working on a few projects, plenty of info to come!!! I’m expecting God to open doors and send healing in the area of Domestic Violence like NEVER before. Well tonight I want to talk […]

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