Fleeing The Youthful Lust

When I was a child I thought 30 was old. As I aged that quickly changed. I’m now 31 soon to be 32 now I call people in their 70’s young man/woman! They looked surprised at first, then I remind then there is ALWAYS someone older than you! They laugh and say, “you’re right young lady!”

What is age today? Are all older people more mature? Do all older people have wisdom to share with younger generations? Does the world have many Titus 2 men and women?  In Titus God instructs older men and women to teach the younger. Please in your spare time read it for yourself!

This morning I thought about the older women I see on a regular. Then I had to think how many of them share GODLY wisdom. It was sad when I thought the two who share GODLY wisdom might be 4 years older than I am. Not saying they are NOT qualified. Just wondering where are the “Mothers?”

When I was younger the women with the grey hair would share wisdom with us. They would tell us our dress was NOT appropriate, they would share home remedies when the kids got sick and could tell you how to make most things from scratch. Where did they go? Have we abandoned them? Or have they grown old and bitter? Maybe its a combination of the two.

Some would say the nursing homes are filled with these women. Yes,  some live in nursing homes. According to God we are to visit them and spend times with them.Most definitely those who are widows. Please read James 1:27 in your spare time. Have we neglected the wisdom that sits before us? I’m guilty of this charge right here.

When my Grandmother was living I would frequent the nursing home. I would ask the older ladies many questions and watching them knit was amazing to me. Especially the women on my grandmothers unit. She had Alzheimers Disease. To listen to these women was amazing. No matter what stage they had some knowledge left inside of them. I really miss those days. Only I have the power to change that! Brings honest and transparent is needed for growth.  Now lets explore the Bitter Mothers.

Is bitterness new to the church? Not at all. Just the number of women holding things they can’t change. I’m NOT old but I grew very bitter at a young age. I was well on my way to growing old and bitter. You have to find ways to “gut punch the enemy!” When I would think of my son, who was murdered by my daughters father I would grow angry with ALL men. I didn’t care who you were.

Then one day the light bulb came on. These people were innocent and had NO idea why at times I hated men. Then I had to recite the Serenity Prayer. I had to ask God to help me accept the things I can NOT change. Slowly but surely He did. God is slowly surrounding me with women who have experienced tragic death with their children. Had I held the hatred in my heart what good would I be? As I age I would be yet another bitter seasoned woman in the church.

Ladies, we must learn to let go of ALL that hinders us from moving forward in God. I was determined to let things go in 2012. I’m not saying it’s easy at all. Let me tell you the things I had to let go; I was molested at ages 6 & 10, abused for years by two different men, the murder of my son and the death of my mother. The last of the list all happened in the last 8 years. However GOD is faithful and just.

What did shedding the bitterness get me? Well God told me to start this blog, I will start volunteer work with teen girls and will began collecting submissions for an Anthology about overcoming Domestic Violence. Not because I got it right the first few times, because God does NOT lie!

Ladies which woman will you grow to be? Will you be the one the younger Saints run to or from? The.choice is yours!  Hold the baggage or let Waste Management pick it up!

As always I want to leave a verse with you;
2 Timothy 2:22 AMP

Shun youthful lusts  and  flee from
them, and aim at  and  pursue righteousness (all that is virtuous and good, right living, conformity to the will of God in thought, word, and deed); [and aim at and pursue] faith, love, [and] peace (harmony and concord with others) in fellowship with all [Christians], who call upon the Lord out of a pure

Be Healed,

Special K Xxxxxxx “hugs”

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