A Cry For Help…

The last few weeks the NFL has been under fire for the way the handle men who beat on women. Is it fair to place ALL of the blame on the NFL when they don’t hold men ACCOUNTABLE?

Lets explore a few things here. Since we don’t have a ton of facts in the death of Kassandra Perkins, lets talk about what we do know. In this case the Chiefs staff was fully aware of what was going on. In a statement released by them they said, “we did all we could to help them.”

Not sure about most companies but to me sounds like this man should have been on leave to me. Name on company who allows you to stay employed knowing you have this kind of issue? Did they reach out to the proper authority in this matter?

Not sure if you’ve seen any pictures of her small frame, I doubt she ever made him feel threatened enough he needed to keep a gun on the property. Maybe that makes perfectly good scene to some. Not to me. Chad Johnson was FIRED four abusing his wife.

So my question is, how did the staff feel they helped? Did they help by keeping this matter on the hush? Allowing this man to still bring in money, knowing he was unstable at this point in his life?

Where was the love to ask him to step down and handle this matter privately? Where was the respect for yet another victim of Domestic Violence? I feel they are just as guilty as Javon. The proper steps to save this young ladies life avoided. All for the love of money.

I have a few questions:

1.Did they EVER think who would raise this child left without parents?
2.Does the NFL value women and their rights?
3. Do you feel since they knew about the situation they should be held ACCOUNTABLE?
4. Do you think the NFL will take domestic violence more serious?
5. Do you think they should bring any charges on staff members aware of this situation?

I pray they step up and support Domestic Violence Projects. Its been a long time coming. We are always taught we should learn from our mistakes. Do you think the NFL has learned from this?

Not to let her friends off so easily. When you know someone is being abused in ANY way you should encourage her to leave. I don’t care what he does for her financially. As a friend you have a right to protect at all cost. There comes a point you must be willing to stand for something.

I’m sure her friends feel plenty of guilt. The reality is the damage is done. Learn from it. When my situation became life or death my friend got a speeding ticket , she was going 60 in a 35 to get to me. She thought I was good as dead. She was relieved to find both me and my daughter safe and unharmed.

Ms. Perkins friends didn’t get that same relief. The baby was unharmed but their friend was shot 8 times. Only someone with NO send control would allow words to get him that upset. Lesson from this, help your friend as much as possible.

Yes, I know the victim will NOT always listen to you. Thats when you find someone who GOD has delivered from this lifestyle. When it comes from someone who has NOT lived it often its hard to receive it.

God has women all around willing to share their story. I blog for that very reason. Domestic violence is often only discussed when tragedy strikes. Thats sad when more women visit the hospital for abuse than car wrecks. Lets keep the fire burning.

If you have a friend who is being abused speak up now before it’s to late. Please call the National Domestic Violence hotline 1800 799 7233. If its life or death call 911 immediately and be very detailed. Give details of everything you have witnessed. I pray we all realize how serious Domestic Violence is.

Lets continue to keep both families in prayer as they have NO choice but to raise the baby together. Lets pray for Domestic Violence victims both women and men.

Most of all lets pray the NFL will take a stand and say NOMOREBLOWS!!!

Sincerely yours,

Special K
XXXXXXX “hugs”

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