Silent Victims

Last night I received a very disturbing text from a 14 year old girl. She wanted me to explain how a sovereign God could allow young children to be molested or raped multiple times. As I read the message my heart dropped.

I was speechless and thats rare for me! However I had to answer the question with as much honesty as possible. First by telling her as a victim of sexual abuse, I felt that way plenty of times.

I would lay as a child scared to turn the lights off. Fearful of what would happen. My first time being molested I was six years old in a tree house. The second person to violate me, was the teenage son of my mothers childhood friend.. He was suppose to babysit me and my sister on weekends.

Fearful of what would happen if I told, I just took the torture. As a child I started to “HATE” the weekends. Our mothers had been friends all of their lives, and my mother couldn’t afford anyone else. I was one of many silent victims.  How well I knew the pain the teen was feeling. She already knew my story.

I had to share with her GOD is very much sovereign. As an adult I would NEVER doubt that. I had to think about the nights I would toss and turn as a child in fear. I had to share with her some people are mean. We must remind people bad things happened in the Bible.

The first name to come to my head was Tamar, she was raped by her half brother. Read 1 Samuel 13:11_16. Often times its nothing about us. The perp has his/her own issues. I’m not saying the actions are right. We must remember flesh is flesh. I also had to remind her humans have a sin nature.

I share with her so she realizes she has the option to overcome this obstacle she is faced with.  First you must have faith. Without faith you will hold that anger inside of you. As children it’s easier to forgive. I think thats what made it easy for me to act like nothing was wrong.

The disadvantage to this was a sexual drive I wasn’t prepared for. I made a lot of bad choices because I didn’t seek any help. I don’t suggest doing this on your own. You need professional help to make it out of this cycle. I was 26 when I received the help needed.

Please if you or someone you know is a victim PLEASE seek the help of a trained professional. I also suggest speaking to someone who has walked in it. Alone is not the key. I only share my life to help victims all around.

Tonight lets pray for the silent victims. It’s never to late to let God lead the path. Giving my hurt and pain to God was the best thing to happen to me! Let me share a few verses with you.

Jeremiah 29:11 AMP

For I know the thoughts  and  plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts  and  plans for welfare
and  peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.

I picked that verse because Gods will is NEVER evil. His plan is to bring health and healing.

Sincerely yours,

Special K


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